Company History

Jan. 1937 Started as "Hideo Nakamura private Co." at Nishi-ku, Osaka.
Jul. 1947 Registerd as "Hideo Nakamura Co., Ltd."
Jan. 1956 Opened Tokyo branch.
Dec. 1968 Modified the company name to "Nakamura Shoji Co., Ltd."
Jun. 1978 Removed the head office to Tokyo.
Oct. 1982 Opened Funabashi Factory.
Mar. 1989 Opened Nanko Factory.
Jul. 1989 Funabashi Factory was separated from Nakamura Shoji, and established as "Hakuyo Tech Co., Ltd."
Jan. 1992 New head office was completed at Chiyoda, Tokyo.
Mar. 2001 Acquired the certificate of "ISO9001:1994"
Oct. 2001 Increased the capital to 305 million yen.
Jun. 2002 Acquired the certificate of "ISO14001:1996"
Apr. 20003 Acquired the certificate of "ISO 9001:2000"
Feb. 2005 Established "Shanghai Nakamura Metal Precisionn Processing Co., Ltd."