President Greeting

I would like to thank you for accessing our company home page.

Nakamura Shoji Co., Ltd. as "an independent specified wholesaler", is not only providing the raw material of iron & non-iron used for welding can & electronics parts, but also selling the press formed products and the raw material which are slitting to coil and/or leveling to sheet.

With "to be useful", as a company management policy, we are here today that we, as a professional wholesaler, have been evaluated to be the trusted company by replying the customers' needs firmly & persistently after understanding its precisely.

Our company value any form of business encounter with attaching importance to provide much business information timely. We promise to display "Nakamura originality", as a "to be useful" wholesaler, by corresponding much more speedily with reading the sudden market change.

Please do give us your precious order forever from now on.